In my first Blog I promised you that I would let you know about one of my favourite walks on the Hook Peninsula and the fantastic views and wildlife to see there.

I never tire of doing this walk as it has breathtaking views out over the sea and it is not too long – ideal for those looking to get fresh air, here it goes.

You park your car in the picturesque village of Slade, beside Slade Castle. This is a lovely preserved castle built by the Laffin Family in the late 15th century and well worth a photograph.

Then, moving down on to the actual harbour there is a little path leading on to a fabulous coastal walk across fields and rocks, amazing views of the sea. Don’t go too near the edge of the rocks though because there is the odd rogue wave that can just sweep you away!

After a good brisk walk, taking care of the cows,who are quite protective of their patch, you climb a few old stone walls and you come to Hook Lighthouse.

Oh my God! What a view, what a spectacular is awesome. I am not going to give you all the facts, you can find them out when you get here, suffice to say it is the oldest operating lighthouse in the world and has stood there in its present form for almost 800 years, incredible! Actually, it was described by an author writing a piece on the top ten flashiest lighthouses in the world, as the great granddaddy of lighthouses….and I agree.

Depending on how you feel after your walk, if you have the energy, the time and the nerve, climb up the 115 steps to the top of the tower and you will be well rewarded by the spectacular views of rocks and sea.

The rocks themselves also are phenomenon, older then the pyramids, they are full of fossils and it is great fun to just browse around trying to spot some of these fossils wedged deep in the rock surfaces; however these fossils are protected and it is against the law to collect any for personal use or gain now.

Anyway enough about that, this walk and scenery is a must on a visit to Ireland and to the Hook Peninsula.

Before the final section of my walk, I always love to have a short break with a cup of hot chocolate in the cosy cafe that also serves delicious snacks. This boosts my energy before I continue on down the road in a complete circle and end up beside the car again!

Drive back via Templers Inn, another fab pub and restaurant with views over the bay to Waterford. If you have a nice day sit outside and order the seafood chowder and a pint of Guinness, the world will be your oyster!

There is something truly Irish about this walk, it’s beautiful scenery, historic setting and natural wildlife, makes it a must when you are visiting the Southeast Coast of Ireland.
In my next blog I walk you through another beautiful walk that goes through the grounds of TINTERN ABBEY. As you probably see from my first blog, I am also a foodie, so we will be looking at my favourite pubs and restaurants along the way..