Ireland is one of the best countries in Europe for fishing

from river and lake fishing to sea fishing. It’s renowned for its variety and quality of fish species and the scenic destinations. Ireland has over 70,000 km of river channels and over 12,000 lakes and with such a mild climate it’s easy to understand why it’s an excellent country for fishing.

The sport of fishing referred to by the Irish as angling  is a cherished tradition. Festivals and competitions celebrate the many forms of this sport. Among the festivals are Killybegs International Sea Angling Festival in July, the Baltimore Deep Sea Angling Festival in August, and the Cobh International Deep Sea Angling Festival in September. 

Inland fishing provides experiences like catching salmon, large carp, wrasse, trout, and pike. Salmon weighing up to 25lb have been caught during the spring salmon fishing season at Lough Inagh in Galway. This glacial lake in Connemara is massively popular with anglers and boats are available to rent to bring you to the best fishing spots. Take a trip with Judd Ruane out on the waters of the famous River Moy estuary. Hop in a boat and go fishing in Mayo, this region is famed for its amazing sea trout fishing. If you’re looking for pike fishing Cavan is a must. At the sprawling Lough Gowna, pike season runs year round but the best time to visit is in late spring when the pike numbers are at their highest. Cast from any of the easily accessible spots along the shoreline, or rent a boat and explore every nook and cranny of this lake.  

Visit the Wexford coast and choose from renting a fishing charter or casting your rod from the shoreline. Stand on the pier at Kilmore Quay try to catch mullet and bass in the waters below. Wander over to a rock formation near the marina where sea trout are often found swimming.  The water here is much deeper than at the coastline and you may even land one of the most unique catches in Ireland. The Saltee Islands are situated approximately 5km off the coast of Kilmore Quay County Wexford. The larger island, Great Saltee, is the most famous bird sanctuary in Ireland and is very popular with both day-trippers and birdwatchers alike. 

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